About Us

Abby Rose Creations is named after my first born, my sweet Abigail Rose. With an insatiable desire to create and get crafty I thought, "If I can make a baby then surely I can make other things!". Thus, Abby Rose Creations was 'born'.

I specialize in hand stamped stainless steel jewelry but enjoy trying out all different kinds of crafty things, so stay tuned! I will update the page as often as I can to include new creations and blog posts to hopefully inspire others.

I believe that DIY can be empowering and trying new things helps us to grow. If there's something you aren't seeing in my store or in my blog that you would like to, please drop me a line at abbyrosecreations@hotmail.com 

I am always happy to hear feedback from my customers!

Wishing you peace, love and crafting!


mother of (Abby Rose Creations)